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Divorce Ceremonies

The journey that you had begun in love and hope has sadly ended....

It is a sad fact of life that not all marriages or civil partnerships stand the test of time, and when a relationship comes to an end it is a sad and difficult time for both partners and can be especially hard when there are children involved.

The end what was once a loving relationship is a bereavement and it is something that naturally we grieve for, but unlike the death of somebody we love which is marked with the ritual of a funeral to help us with acceptance and closure, at the ending of a relationship there is often no ceremony to mark either its ending, nor the beginning of your new life as a single person.

In fact within our society we have ceremony and ritual to mark almost all of life’s transitions; new births, graduation, marriages, funerals, Bat Mitzvahs to signify the transition from childhood to adulthood, even housewarming parties to celebrate moving to a new home, but very seldom is the painful spiritual and emotional process of divorce given any attention or support through the use of ceremony.

Divorce ceremonies can either be conducted with just one partner from the marriage present, or if the separation is more amicable they you may both like to be present and to focus of the symbolism of the moment.

Divorce and separation rituals do not tend to be big public ceremonies, you may like the ceremony to be totally private, or to have a few family members and friends present to support you. The aim of a Divorce ceremony is to help you to be able to move forward, This isn’t simply just a ceremony, but a creative process which will help to validate your difficult journey, allowing you forgive old hurts, to reclaim your married years as something that mattered greatly and to make new vows to yourself to infuse your life with a fresh beginning and new direction.

Divorce ceremonies can take place immediately following a separation, or can be several years after the event, there are no set rules. This is a ceremony to help bring you acceptance, closure and healing and can take place at any time or place that you want.

Symbolism and Ritual

These are just a few ideas which you may like to include within your ceremony, however our professionally trained celebrants will work closely with you, sensitively acknowledging your feelings and your loss so that together you can create a meaningful ceremony which is personalised just for you.

If you have older children, consider melting down your wedding rings into a meaningful symbol to give them as a gift and a reminder of the love that created them.

You and your ex-spouse could each take the time to write down what you honour about your years together, and then read these things to each other.

You could speak words of forgiveness and release, for example; “I bless you and release you. Please forgive me and hurts I have caused you, just as I forgive you. Go in peace. You will remain in my heart."

You could give back your wedding rings to each other at the conclusion of the ceremony.

You may like to choose a new piece of jewellery, for example a butterfly to symbolise your new found freedom in the world.

You and your ex-spouse may like to say words to your children to assure them that whilst the marriage is over and there will be changes for you all, that both of you will always love them dearly.

Some people ask for their marriage certificate to be burned within the ceremony. The symbolism of this is very powerful, however if you wish to include this then only ever burn a photocopy of the marriage certificate, never the original.

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